Shanann & Chris {DoubleTree Suites-SouthPark}

Shanann and Chris were married at the DoubleTree Suites in SouthPark on November 3, 2012.  We took advantage of the beautiful fall colors and the Pavilion at Symphony Park to grab some pretty cool shots.  We are excited to get to share them with you.  All the best Shanann and Chris! 872153   IMG_7175 IMG_7198 IMG_7211  IMG_7350IMG_7235  IMG_7385 IMG_7482 IMG_74984 IMG_7587 IMG_76206 IMG_7626 IMG_7729 IMG_7761IMG_7447 IMG_7784 IMG_7817 IMG_7828 IMG_7902  9IMG_7954IMG_7957 IMG_825410

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Jenny & Danny {Morgan Church & Dixie Dreams}

Jenny and Danny were married on October 7, 2012.  Their said their vows at the quaint Morgan Church in Monroe.   Their picturesque reception was held at Dixie Dreams on the Rocky River.  The horse drawn carriage was such a nice touch.  Congratulations you two! _MG_8053-2_MG_7910-2_MG_7963_MG_8012_MG_8034_MG_8039_MG_8046-3   _MG_8109  _MG_8161 _MG_8168  _MG_8207      1   42_MG_8125_MG_84793 5 6    IMG_6062 IMG_6106 IMG_6113 IMG_6419 IMG_649497_MG_8280-2_MG_84018_MG_8496

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Brittany & Tyler {Holiday Inn Charlotte Center City}

Brittany and Tyler were married on the gorgeous rooftop of the Holiday Inn Charlotte Center City in uptown Charlotte, on September 22, 2012.  We love shooting at this venue.  The views are breathtaking.  We are so happy for this awesome couple and wish them all the best!             IMG_4678132IMG_4037IMG_41195IMG_44114IMG_430469710IMG_4529  IMG_483711 IMG_4868

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Shanise & Shannon {Central United Methodist & Cornerstone Event Center}

Shanise and Shannon were married July 14, 2012 at Central United Methodist Church.  Their elaborate reception was at the Cornerstone Event Center in Salisbury.  Congratulations to the fabulous couple!

_MG_1509 _MG_1727-2_MG_1442 _MG_1782 _MG_1798 _MG_1814 _MG_1868 _MG_1886-2    2_MG_1484_MG_1955  4_MG_195813

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Jessalyn & Nick {Magnolia Room}

Jessalyn and Nick were married at the First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church on June 16, 2012 in Rock Hill, SC.  Their reception was held at the Magnolia Room.

Congratulations to the couple!  Thank you for choosing White Glove to capture your special day.   005e003 007g  013m002b011k004d 014n 017q 019s 021u 023w  036zj 038zl030zd

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Natalie & David {Victorian Villa}

Natalie and David were married May 26, 2012 at the Victorian Villa Inn on beautiful Lake Wylie.  We are so happy for this great couple and thrilled to share their pictures with you!12123456789   Natalie Purnell (332) Natalie Purnell (338) Natalie Purnell (367)10 Natalie Purnell (393)11Natalie Purnell (39) Natalie Purnell (411) Natalie Purnell (423) Natalie Purnell (504) Natalie Purnell (555) Natalie Purnell (595) Natalie Purnell (599) Natalie Purnell (618) Natalie Purnell (626) Natalie Purnell (700)

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Amanda and James {Bald Head Island Club}

Amanda and James tied the knot in Bald Head Island  on April 27, 2012.  It was a beautiful wedding on a gorgeous day.  We are happy to share their photos with you!

IMG_7643amanda and james 10000amanda and james 20000amanda and james 40000amanda and james 50000amanda and james 60000amanda and james 70000amanda and james 80000amanda and james 90000amanda and james 100000amanda and james0000IMG_7316IMG_7515  IMG_7793 IMG_7968

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