Alisha & Charleton are Engaged!!!

Alisha and Charleton are engaged and we got the awesome opportunity to capture it all in, NODA area in Uptown Charlotte. They’re such a fun and fashionable couple it was a joy hanging out with them for this engagement session. Our favorite shots are them dancing!!! They’ re such an adorable couple full of life and enthusiasm.Alicia&Charleton Alisha & Charleton-8 Alisha & Charleton-16 Alisha & Charleton-22 Alisha & Charleton-29 Alisha & Charleton-59 Alisha & Charleton-75 Alisha & Charleton-95 Alisha & Charleton-97 Alisha & Charleton-102 Alisha&Charleton1 Alisha&Charleton2 Alisha&Charleton3

About White Glove Photography

We are so excited to finally be able to instantly show you some of our newest weddings! Follow us for advice, and to see our Bride's of the Month!
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